Have you always wanted to breed your own foal?

Olsthoorn Sport Horse Breeding helps you to make your dream come true this breeding season. This year OSHB her broodmares from good dam lines are available for breeding by stallions of your preference. The next year you will be the proud owner of your own bred foal.  


Benefits of breeding with OSHB mares: 

• You can choose the stallion you like. 

• Live foal guaranteed.  

• No costs for accommodation of the mare. 

• You breed a foal but without the necessity of having a mare. 

• Fixed price agreement. 


Available broodmares: 

Mare and foal will be accommodated and cared for by OSHB in the same way as we do for our other mares and foals until the end of weaning. You can enjoy your foal without having to manage the daily care. OSHB is not depended on a single breeding station, but we do only breed with fresh semen which is qualified with no less than quality label GOOD

The price of the foal is depending on the stud fee and mare of your choice. If you chose a stallion with a higher stud fee, the price of the foal increases accordingly. The price of the foal is a fixed price which will be agreed on in advance.  

Breeding is without any guarantees of a wished outcome. But breeding your own foal is also the opportunity to breed your own champion, with the best genetics, a horse that would otherwise be out of your reach. 


For more information:


Past performance is no guarantee for the future.