Balesta (Obelisk x Rossini x Zilverster)

Samber-dam line, dam line 7, breedingfamily 488

Balesta genotype is tested N/N, that meens she is NOT a carrier for the causative mutation for warmblood fragile foal syndrome in the LH1-gene 



Niquita (by Feinrich)


M: Iquita Preferent, Prestatie

Aqanto (by Tango) Dr ZZL (Ned)
Ziezo (by Redford) Dr M / Spr 1.00 (Ned)
Wild Dancer (by Redford) 2e-bezichtiging KWPN
Sunny (by Balzflug) Ster, LT (Ned)
Rowena (by Balzflug) Elite, Sport-(Dr), D-OC, ZZL
Painted black (by Balzflug) Dr M1 (Ned)
Nadie (by Kafu) Elite, Sport-(Dr), prok Dr Z2 (Ned)
Merlijn (by Samber) Dr M (Ned), Spr GP (Int)

Gm Florijn H (by Sandreo) Dr ZZL (Ned)
Gm Zephyros (by Osmium) Dr ZZL (Ned)

MM: Evita Keur
†Iquita (by Rossini) Preferent Prestatie

MMM: Wanda Keur, Preferent, Prestatie
Urwando (by Gribaldi) Dr M1 (Ned)
Tyrone (by Narobi) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Sandokan (by Gribaldi) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Norman (by Rossini) Dr B (Ned) / Spr 1.10 (Ned)
Louise (by Fruhling) Ster, Prestatie Dr L1 (Ned)
Jasmijn (by Rossini) Keur Prestatie
Iwan (by Rossini) Ster, Dr GP (Int)
Hassan (by Rossini) Selected Dr L1 (Ned)
Ghandi (by Apollonios) Dr LT / Spr 1.10 (Ned)
Evita (by Zilverster) Keur
Donar (by O.Mozart) Ster, Dr Z2 (Ned)
C (by O.Mozart) Dr M1 / Spr 1.00 (Ned)
Gm Artalou (by Sunny Boy) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Gm Caramba (by Oscar) Dr ZT (Ned)
Gm Damacho (by Winningmood) Dr ZZL (Ned)
Gm Libre (by Wolfgang) Spr 1.30 (Ned)
Gm Love For You (by Lord Leatherdale) ggk ZfdP, Dr ZZL (Ned)
Gm Mixtion (by Dageraad) Dr ZZZ (Ned)
Gm Tsambikos (by Larino) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Gm Vinette (by Broere Pacific) Dr Z1 (Ned) / Ev CCI* (Int) Bianca Beck / Spr 1.30 (Ned)
Ogm Calisto (by Wender R) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Favourite Colours van de Rheehoeve (by Sir Oldenburg) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Willem van Nassau (by Adel 357) Dr ZT (Ned)

: Tina Ster, Preferent, Prestatie

Gambo (by C ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Gm Elvis (by Zuidhorn ) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Gm Kadeem (by Purioso ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Gm Kornuit (by Farmer ) Dr ZZL (Ned)
Gm Leamber S. (by Farmer ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Gm Nardus M (by Houston ) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Gm Valier (by Cavalier ) EV  CCI1*  (Int) Adrienne Hillas (Usa)
Gm Zarab (by Oldengburg ) Spr 1.30 (Ned)
Ogm Bolando (by Tolando ) Dr INT-I (Int)Eva Pellat Masso (Esp)
Ogm Brian (by Samber ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ogm Dagmar (by Attack Z 1392 NFWP ) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Gerina (by Flamingo ) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Gilona (by Creool ) Spr 1.30 (Ned)
Ogm Gravin (by Flamingo ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ogm Hassan (by Democraat ) Dr LT (Ned)
Ogm Honore (by Dublin ) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Ivor (by Chronos ) Dr ZZL (Ned)
Ogm James Bond (by Cocktail ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ogm Jazirah (by El Corona ) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Kashmir (by Purioso ) Dr LT (Ned)
Ogm Kiowa (by Calypso ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ogm Learno (by Goodwill ) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Mirina (by Burggraaf ) Spr 1.30 (Ned)
Ogm Natal (by L.A. ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ogm Orlando (by Samber) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ogm Pompidou (by Bernstein) Dr Z1 / Spr 1.30 (Ned)
Ogm Silvester (by Negro ) Dr Z1(Ned)
Ogm Tobias (by Flemmingh ) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Valiant (by Oramé ) Dr ZT (Ned)
Ogm Whatever (by Sydney ) Spr 1.30 (Ned)
Ogm Ziezietop (by Sir Sinclair ) Dr ZZL (Ned)