W. Carla Ster, Prok, Sport-Dr Z2

(De Niro x Sovereign Bill XX x Joost)

Karla dam line, dam line 6, breedingfamily 721

This mare has a great character. She is easy to work with and she knows when she has to put on a show. That´s why we call her Watch Me. 


The Karla dam line is filled with sport horses, the most famous ones are Mr Blue (Couperus x Oldenburg) Lic. KWPN/BWP/SF and Nabuur (Uppercut XX x Senner) Lic. KWPN.

Our first mare was N. Carla sister of W. Carla. The breeders (H. Vos & J.E. Vos-Pronk, Beilen) gave us the opportunity to breed with W.Carla.
H. Vos & J.E. Vos-Pronk have been quite successfull with breeding and we´re really pleased that we can continue breeding this dam line. 

Kaiserin Carla O D-OC
(Fürstenball x TCN Partout x Sovereign Bill XX)

Karla dam line, dam line 6, breedingfamily 721

Her nickname is Karma, because she remembers us so much of her mother. 

She is an ET-filly from our Elite, Prok, Sport-Dr, Prestatie broodmare N.Carla (TCN Partout x Sovereign Bill x Joost).


The breeders of N. Carla (H. Vos & J.E Vos-Pronk, Beilen) were very successful with this mare.
                                                                                             N. Carla is awarded with the predicate ´Prestatie´.

Solinde Ster, Voorlopig Keur
(Kennedy x Belisar x Duc de Normandie)

Dam line 134, breedingfamily 55


The first time I laid my eyes on this special mare I immediately fell in love with her. This mare is also from H. Vos & J.E. Vos-Pronk, Beilen). Solinde received the title national mare champion at the national selection in Drenthe, 2003. She scored 80 points for exterior and 81 ponts for movement. 

Her most famous progeny are the mares Authentic (by Fürst Heinrich) Dr Int-I Joyce,Lenaerts and Zolinde (by Sunnyboy) Dr ZZL, Astrid Reinders.

Indigo VL PROK
(Indoctro x Gran Corrado x G Ramiro Z)
Houston dam line, breedingfamily 388


We visited a foal auction called Sell veulenveiling Brabant in 2013. We had our eyes on two other foals, but as soon as Indigo VL walked into the arena our plans changed quickly 

If you look at her pedigree you assume to find jumpers, but we see some really good dressage horses in the dam line.



-Dark President D&R (by Wynton) GGK KWPN/Old (Int) Int-I.
-Fellini (by Ampère) GGK KWPN
-Uzarco (by Jazz) Selected Dr LT (Ned)
-Anna Karenina (by Sultan) Ster, Sport-DR (Int) Grand Prix

(Obelisk x Rossini x Zilverster)
Samber dam line, dam line 7, breedingfamily 488

This is a black beauty out of the famous damline 007 of Tina D. Tina D is known for being the mother of the famous (Int) Grand Prix dressage KWPN stallion Samber (Pericles XX  x Ordonnans).

Her dam line is filled with fantastic sport horses. A perfect example is her mother Iquita. She is awarded with the title Preferent, Prestatie, her progeny did really well in sport. 

-Aquanto (by Tango) ZZL

-Sunny (by Balzflug) LT
-Rowena (by Balzflug) ZZL
-Merlijn (by Samber) GP Spr


N.Carla Elite, PROK, Sport-Dr, Prestatie
(TCN Partout x Sovereign Bill XX x Joost)
Karla dam line, dam line 6, breedingfamily 721

The perfect lady. Our ´once in a lifetime` mare.
A lot of blood in her vains, but so easy to get a long with. Her breeder (H. Vos & J.E. Vos-Pronk, Beilen) used the nickname Tout for her and so did we. 


N. Carla is awarded with the predicate ´Prestatie´,  

because her progeny did well in sport; 

-S.N. Carlos (by Gribaldi) Dr Z2 

-U.N. Carlos (by Welt Hit II) Dr ZZL (Ned) 3e bezichtiging KWPN
-W.N. Carlos (by De Niro) Dr Int Int-I 
-Z.N. Carlos (by De Niro) Dr Z1 (Ned)

-Brummes de Saint Val (by De Niro) Dr ZZL (Fra)
-D´Artagnan (by Jazz) Dr Z2 (Usa)