Have you always wanted to breed your own foal?

Olsthoorn Sport Horse Breeding is here to help you fulfill your dreams this breeding season. Our selection of broodmares, from excellent dam lines, are available for breeding with stallions of your choice. With us, you're one step closer to becoming the proud owner of a personally bred foal. 

Advantages of choosing OSHB broodmares for your breeding:

• Reedom to select your preferred stallion

• Life foal guaranteed

• Elimination of mare accommodation expenses

• Expercience foal breeding without the neccesity of owning a mare
• Benefit form a transparent fixed-price agreement

Mare and foal will be accommodated and cared for by OSHB in the same way as we do for our other mares and foals until the weaning period concludes.This means you can enjoy the experience of having a foal without the day-to-day responsibilities. OSHB breeding approach isn't confined to a single station; we exclusively work with fresh semen that meets, at minimum the quality label of "GOOD,"

The foal's pricing is contingent upon your choice of stud fee and mare. Opting for a stallion with a higher stud fee will naturally restult in an increased foal price. Rest assured, the foal's cost remains fixed and is determined beforehand.

It's important to realize that breeding doesn't provide guarantees for specific outcomes. However, breeding you own foal offers the opportunity to develop a potential champion, utilizing intriguing genetics. A possibility that might otherwise be beyond your reach.


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Past performance is no guarantee for the future.