Sacharov Carlos O (Estobar NRW x Fürstenball)

Colt born 2-3-22

Unique opportunity, for sale at any reasonable offer:


Brown colt by Estobar NWR (Ehrentush x Ferragamo) out of our breeding mare Kaiserin Carla O. Kaiserin Carla O is a brown D-OC ET mare by Fürtenball (Fürst Heinrich x Donnerhall) out of our Elite, Prok, Sport-Dr, Performance breeding mare N.Carla (TCN Partout x Sovereign Bill x Joost) He has been fully checked on x-ray and is not perfect. Operable chip on the left hind leg and a remark on the nech (not in a facet joint, no arthritis and no EVCM). The chip must be removed, but the neck should never cause any problems. For someone looking for a fine riding/sport horse for themselves, is this a unique opportunity.

Very interesting dam line, 3 performance in a row. Many sport horses come form this dam line, including:

A very interesting dam line, 3x performance in a row. Many sport horses come from this dam line, including:

S.N. Carlos (by Gribaldi) Dr Z2 (Gbr) Belinda Anne Spence (Gbr)

U.N. Carlos (by Welt Hit II) Dr ZZL (Ned) 3rd inspection KWPN

W.N. Carlos (by De Niro) Dr Int Int-I Renate van Vliet (Ned)

Z.N. Carlos (by De Niro) Dr Z1 (Ned)

Brummes de Saint Val (by De Niro) Dr ZZL Caroline Rioche (Fra)

D'Artagnan (by Jazz) Dr Z2 Nicole Perry (USA)

M.Carlos (by Zeoliet) Star, Jumping 1.30 (Ned)

P.Carla (by Junior Stv) Star Dr Z1 (Ned)

Sir Carlos (by Welt Hit II) Selected, Dr Int Int-I Ravisara Wachakorn (Tha)

T.Carlos (by Welt Hit II) Dr M1 (Ned)

U.Carla (by Gribaldi) Star, Provisional Keur

V.Carlos (by De Niro) Dr Z1 (Ned)

W.Carla (by De Niro) Star Sport-Dr, Prok, Dr Z2 (Ned)

Uricarla (by Meteor) Keur, Preferent, Performance

Vicarla (by Abgar) Keur

Zucarla (by Le Val Blanc XX) Star, Performance Jumping 1.30 (Ned)

Bicarla (by Ariban) Star, Provisional, Keur, Performance

Cicarla (by Purioso) Keur, Preferent, Performance

Ducarla (by Purioso) Star, Performance

Frucarlos (by Sovereign Bill XX) Star, Dr ZZL (Ned), Jumping 1.10

Hacarla (by Sovereign Bill XX) Keur, Preferent, Performance, Dr Z1 / Jumping 1.00 (Ned)

Imacarla (by Cassenova) Star

Lucarla (by Havel) Dr Z1 (Ned)

Nacoarlos (by Nabuur) Dr B / Jumping 1.00 (Ned)

Socarlos (by Iroko) Jumping 1.10 (Ned)


Pucarla (by Iroko) Performance




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