Indigo VL (Indoctro x Gran Corrado x G Ramiro Z) Prok
Houston-dam line, breeding family 338.

genotype is tested N/WFFS, that meens she is a carrier for the causative mutation for warmblood fragile foal syndrome in the LH1-gene 

Mega Hertz O (by Electron)
Otscheli O (by Taminiau)
Pink Passion O (by Le Formidable)
Relic O (by Franziskus)

M: Roxy Music

V.I.P Gentleman (by Gentleman) Ster, Spr 1,20 (Be)
Within Temptation (by Gentleman) Spr Int 1.45 Ole Kristoffer Meland (Nor)
Blöf (by Lordanos) ggk Old
Ciola (by Lordanos) Prok
Indigo VL (by Indoctro) Prok
Jilzz (by Zirocco Blue VDL) Prok Dr B, Spr 1,00 (Ned), EV B
Elaine S (by Wynton) L1(Ned)


MM Lola-G Ster, Preferent, Prestatie
Skid-Row (by Haarlem) Dr Z2 (Ned)

Uzarco (by Jazz) Aangewezen Dr LT (Ned)
Zinatra (by Jazz) Dr LT (Ned)

Anouk (by Jazz) Ster, Voorlopig Keur, Prestatie
Dark President D&R (by Wynton) GGK KWPN/Old Dr (Int) Int-I Riccardo Sanavio (Ita)
Gwen Stefani (by Bretton Woods) Ster, Voorlopig Keur

Innocent-G (by Wynton) 2e bezichtiging, Prok, Dr (Int) JUN Ksenia Smirnova (Rus)

Gm A (by Jazz) Dr LT (Ned)
Gm Emeralds S (by Ampère) Dr ZT (Ned)
Gm Faye Lola (by Ampére) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Gm Fellini (by Ampère)  GGK KWPN Dr (Int) Int-I Leida Collins-Strijk (Ned)
Gm Guardiola (by Bretton Woods) Dr ZZZ (Ned)
Gm Living Colour II (by Don Romantic) Dr LT (Ned)

MMM: Ciola Preferent Prestatie
Houston (by Belisar) GGK KWPN Keur, Dr LT (Ned)
Anna Karenina (by Sultan) Ster, Sport-Dr, Dr (Int) Grand Prix Tina Konyot (Usa)
Lola-G (by G Ramiro Z) Ster, Preferent, Prestatie
Private Circle (by Polydox) Spr 1.10 (Ned)

Ggm Elison (by Fürst Romancier) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ggm Jade (by De Niro) Dr Z1 (Ned)