Ohlala Grootenhout (Just Wimphof x Fürst Heinrich x Kennedy) Prok D-OC
Dam line 134, breedingfamily 55
Ohlala genotype is tested N/N, that meens she is NOT a carrier for the causative mutation for warmblood fragile foal syndrome in the LH1-gene 

M: Bolinde
Ohlala Grootehout Prok, D-OC
Ian (by Velazques) Dr L1
Mamista (by Glock's Toto jr) Elite, EPTM-DR, D-OC
Naturelle Grootenhout (by Glock's Toto jr) EPTM-Dr, D-OC

Mm: Solinde Ster Voorlopig Keur

Zolinde (by Sunnyboy) Elite, Sport(-Dr), Ibop(-Dr), prok, D-OC, Dr ZZL/ Spr 1.00 (Ned)
Authentic (by Furst Heinrich) Elite, Sport(-Dr),prok, Dr (Int) Int-I Joyce Lenaerts (Ned),
Colinde (by Sir Donnerhall) Prok  
Danté (by Jazz)
†Lexus O (by Fürstenball)Winner selections Pavo cup, selections WK 2021 (Ned)

Nash O (by Fürstenball)
Olinde O (by Fürst Heinrich) Prok D-OC

Mmm: Nolinde Keur
Solinde (by Kennedy) Ster Voorlopig Keur
Z-Nolinde (by Kennedy ) Prok
A-Lindus (by Kennedy ) Dr Z1 (Ned)

Mmmm: Tolinde Keur, Preferent, Prestatie
Zolinde (by Octaaf) Keur, Pref, Prest, Dr B/ Spr 1,00 (Ned)
Baruch (by Octaaf ) Dr Z2 (Ned) 
Hellion (by Nooitgedacht ) Dr Z2 / SP 1.00 (Ned)
Jakira (by Darnels ) Sport(-Spr), Dr L1, Spr 1.35 (Ned) 
Kenny (by Dukaat) Dr B (Ned)
Prolinde (by Belisar) Dr L1 (Ned)

Gm Abel (by Flemmingh ) Dr Z1 (Ned) 
Gm A-Lindus (by Kennedy) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Gm Ilinde (by Darnels ) Dr Z1 (Ned) 
Gm Karuso (by Darnels ) Dr Z2 (Ned) 
Gm Loralinde (by Grand Cru) Spr 1.30 (Ned) 
Ogm Authentic (by Fürst Heinrich) Dr (Int) INT-I Joyce Lenaerts (Ned)
Ogm Dutch Dandy D.J. (by Lord Leatherdale ) Dr ZT (Ned) 
Ogm Excaliber (by Rhodium) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ogm Hannelinde (by Tango) Dr Z1 (Ned)
Ogm Leontine (by Farmer ) Dr Z2 (Ned) 
Ogm Marielinde (by Grand Cru ) Dr Z1 (Ned) 
Ogm Oakland (by Wellington ) Spr 1.30 (Ned) 
Ogm Prominent-H (by Kennedy ) Dr Z2 (Ned) 
Ogm Ramiros (by Lancelot ) Dr Zzz (Ned) 
Ogm Saturnes (by Kelvin ) Dr INT II Laurel Kerner (USA)
Ogm Tequila (by Jazz ) Dr ZZL (Ned) 
Ogm Tolinde (by Goodtimes ) Dr Z1 (Ned) 
Ogm Vickie (by Cruyff ) Spr 1.35 (Ned) 
Ogm Vondel (by Goodtimes ) Dr Z2 (Ned) 
Ogm Zolinde (by Sunny Boy) Dr ZZL (Ned)
Ogm Zolinde H (by Sheraton ) Spr 1.30 (Ned)

Mmmmm: Louise Ster
Gm Salouise (by Kenwood ) Spr 1.30 (Ned) 
Ogm Nalouise (by Dukaat ) Dr Z2 (Ned)
Ogm Odessa (by Larome ) Dr Z1 (Ned